Add Value To Your LinkedIn Profile

Like many of us, I gradually allowed myself to ignore LinkedIn and undervalue that free and valuable resource. After a nearly two-year absence, I was happy to log in and discover new profile improvements that showcase ambitious professionals and emphasize our experience in a way that make us seem very competent to potential customers and employers. It is time to take another look at LinkedIn.

LINKS. My favorite new feature is the site link that all expert experience listings currently offer. Click the link; copy/paste the business web address to the dialogue box; see the wonderful image that pops in the visuals box; click on continue, then click to Name and profile! Your profile will comprise eye-catching images that lure interested parties to research your affiliated associations as well as theĀ Proteus Leadership LinkedIn experience that you’ll contribute.You can also link a photo, document, presentation, or a video and provide decent insight to the business and your character there.

SPOTLIGHT. Above your profile photo and headline project list, notice the ticker tape of abilities spotlight choices which you may click , fill and add much more information to showcase your experience, professional pursuits and accomplishments. I saw questions which pertained to groups and activities that I participated in at college; posts that I might have recently published; and work samples or special projects I might increase my profile.

GROUPS. For the last few decades, I’ve been honored to serve as a first round judge for an organization that presents awards to C- Package level women in business (you will find also the co-ed European, Asia/Pacific and Western small business awards which I do not judge). The awards’ organizers invited me to join the LinkedIn group that’s exclusive to judges. I periodically follow talks to discover exactly what I can learn and contribute. I recommend that you explore LinkedIn classes, beginning with your college alumni group, which is a great resource professionally and personally.